Press release | 28 March 2023

Diot-Siaci records 9% growth in its first full year

Paris, March 27, 2023 – The Diot-Siaci Group, the French and European leader in corporate insurance brokerage, announces turnover of €794 million at December 31, 2022.

For the second consecutive year, Diot-Siaci has posted a 9% increase in gross turnover, to €794 million from €728 million in 2021, thus confirming the growth potential of the Group formed by the merger of Diot-LSN and SIACI SAINT HONORE at the end of 2021.

The Group has made a number of acquisitions whose impact will be felt in 2023. The increase in activity in 2022 is therefore the result of strong organic growth. Gross turnover generated outside France (Europe and the rest of the world) is up 14% compared to +11% in 2021 and now represents more than a third of the Group’s total business, showing strong momentum, particularly in Switzerland, which recorded turnover of almost €83 million. The five business units that make up the Group performed well throughout the year.

In detail, Diot-Siaci Corporate Solutions, the Property & Casualty and Marine Business Unit, recorded overall gross turnover of €328 million, up by more than 11%, driven by balanced growth across most of its lines.

Diot-Siaci Credit‘s credit insurance, bonds and financing business continues to perform well, with turnover of €42 million (excluding the impact of the acquisition of Urios at the end of 2022), up by more than 15% compared to 2021.

The Specialties division, which handles risks for regulated professions, affinity lines, reinsurance and captives, recorded turnover of €52 million.

The Employee Benefits and Consulting department (PSC) posted gross turnover of close to €170 million in 2022, with growth of almost 4% thanks to sustained production in group health for large companies.

In addition, against a troubled global geopolitical backdrop in 2022, MSH, the subsidiary dedicated to the coverage of internationally mobile individuals, contributed to the overall dynamic by posting turnover of €120 million, up 13% compared to €106 million in 2021.


“In a global economic context that became even more complicated in 2022, our teams made the best use of our resources to meet the needs of our clients in their development, with consistently outstanding commitment,” Pierre Donnersberg and Christian Burrus, the Group’s Co-Chairmen were pleased to announce.


“These figures for 2022 confirm the relevance of our model and encourage us to pursue our ever-expanding international operations with strong bases in Europe that we continue to consolidate. Our ambition remains to consolidate our position as European leader in our sector,” concluded Cédric Charpentier, Global CEO of Diot-Siaci.


About Diot-Siaci

Diot-Siaci is a leading multi-specialist consulting, insurance and reinsurance brokerage group in France and Europe with a presence in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Diot-Siaci designs and develops innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its clients, including large and mid-cap companies, SMEs/SMIs, and professionals, in both personal insurance and property and liability insurance. Diot-Siaci has a stable, family-owned shareholding base which means it can support its clients in their transformation by meeting their needs across the entire value chain in Property & Casualty, Marine and Cargo, Professional Third Party Liability, Employee Benefits and Consulting, and International Mobility. With almost 5,000 employees and an extensive international network, the Group operates worldwide and generated revenue of almost €800 million in 2022.

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